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Karlsen Sidechain devnet launch

The Karlsen Dev Team is excited to announce the official launch of the Karlsen sidechain devnet, built on the Cosmos SDK.
The sidechain will introduce smart contracts to the Karlsen network and establish cross-chain connectivity with multiple blockchains, including kaspa.


The Karlsen Sidechain features native cross-chain smart contracts, a concept inspired by the ZetaChain project. These smart contracts allow developers to orchestrate assets and execute actions across various chains. For example, a single transaction could move an ERC-20 token on Ethereum and then transfer KLS or KAS between addresses. This capability enables developers to create seamless, multi-chain applications that unlock new opportunities in DeFi, NFTs, gaming, DAOs, identity, and more.

Our current focus includes integrating Karlsen with Kaspa and ZetaChain (already connected to Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon), with further integrations planned through strategic partnerships.


Development Status:
* We have launched the devnet for our sidechain.
* Work is ongoing to implement Karlsen and Kaspa clients and signers.
* Our immediate goal is to establish functioning observer and signer nodes for Karlsen, followed by similar deployments for Kaspa on the devnet.


Upcoming Roadmap Events:
* The KLS first halving is imminent, reducing the reward from 50 to 44 KLS per block.
* Validation of the testnet featuring the new GPU-friendly algorithm, KarlsenHashV2.
* Deployment of Karlsen Mobile on Android store
* Enhancements and optimizations to strengthen our ecosystem's infrastructure.

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May, 05 2024



Karlsen Network x IvendPay

We are excited to announce our integration with ivendPay marking a significant step forward in our journey towards fusing blockchain technology with real-world payment systems.

With the Karlsen Network's ultra-fast capabilities, you can now use ivendPay solutions to effortlessly make payments in the real world. Imagine paying for dinner with a single click using NFC through your Karlsen wallet – it's that simple!

This collaboration not only expands our payment ecosystem but also aligns with our roadmap to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain innovations, ensuring smart and fast payment solutions

April, 10 2024



NiceHash adds KarlsenHash to its world renown hashrate market

Founded in 2014, NiceHash is the world’s leading hashrate marketplace, and one of the most recognized names in the cryptocurrency industry. As a bitcoin focused platform, NiceHash provides a complete ecosystem of mining, hashrate, and payment solutions, with the goal to accelerate bitcoin adoption worldwide. The NiceHash vision is to make cryptocurrency simple, friendly, and accessible to everyone.

The NiceHash platform enables miners to mine on multiple algorithms with smart software that switches based on profitability. A core part of the platform is the ability for people to buy hashrate on algorithms for mining in real time, making the marketplace the most flexible way to mine cryptocurrency.

By adding support for KarlsenHash, NiceHash is once again making sure that miners have all the best possible options for their operations. This also means GPU miners have more options, and projects such as the Karlsen Network are a huge benefit to the crypto community and beyond.

February, 28 2024



Karlsen $KLS is coming to Mexc!

MEXC is thrilled to launch another session of Kickstarter, a listing event initiated by the project team on MEXC before launch where users can commit MX to support their favorite project. This event is designed to identify high-quality projects and, at the same time, bring airdrop benefits to MEXC users.

Presenting the project for this session of Kickstarter, Karlsen Network (KLS).

January, 30 2024



Testnet-1 with fishhash Algorithm launched

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Karlsen Network Testnet! This is a major step in our blockchain's development, focusing on testing our new hashing algorithm, KarlsenHashV2, inspired by the FishHash Whitepaper for a full ASIC resistance and a focus on GPU efficiency.

Our goal is to thoroughly evaluate KarlsenHashV2's performance and security. We invite blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and experts to join this open testnet and help us gather crucial data and insights.

January, 30 2024