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Karlsen Network Road Map

November 2023
Mainnet Launch

- launch the chain and host archival nodes
- deploy gpu miner
- deploy explorer
- deploy network monitoring dashboard
- deploy community pool
- publish whitepaper v1
- Announcement on bitcointalk
- deploy the web wallet
- community vote for listing the coin

December 2023
Ecosystem building

- MEXC Listing funding
- Wallet-cli
- Karlsen Desktop Wallet migration start
- KGI Graph Inspector
- Karlsen Faucet

January 2024
Major Listing and Testnet

- MEXC Listing
- Mobile Wallet dev start
- Karlsen Desktop Wallet (Jan-Feb)
- Testnet KarlsenHashv2 Fishhash launch

February 2024
Smart Contract Kickoff

Tools and infrastructure
- Create testnet explorer
- Create testnet faucet
- Fix the missing image bug in web wallet
- Release mobile wallet as beta
- Adding 24-word seed phrase import into web wallet and Karlsen Desktop
- Testnet Fishhash Gpu Miner release

Smart Contract integration
- Analysis of Karlsen SideChain solution
- Start developments of the Sidechain
- Define the Q1&Q2 roadmap of smart contract solution and cosmos hub integration

Q2-Q3 2024
Cosmos Network Integration

Analysis & Development Cosmos SDK sidechain

Q4 2024
Payment App

Bridge development and Partnerships